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वेबसाइट वर वधू-वर माहिती देताना कृपया फोटो सहितद्या. अधिक माहितीसाठी संपर्क - सुनील जाधव :- 9890677914 ( ),प्रशांत मंडले( +91 9588450297), अनिल भांडवलकर :- 9923232424 ( ), मल्हारी चव्हाण :- 8600858143 ( )


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Talk about the underground dancehall music scene in Jamaica or the world over and the name Exile di Brave easily stands out. A native son of Portmore Jamaica Exile who’s real name is Clayton Johnson is also a former student of the University Of Technology first came unto the underground music scene along with two of his childhood peers Gerron Thomas (KONIAK) and Mario Grey (KRITIK) they formed a rap trio called N.H.C which means narrating hostile conditions. They dropped a mix tape in 2003 which explains all the things that their surroundings had to offer, telling the bright and the dark side. Gaining good response from songs such as " POOR COLD AND LONELY and " HUNGRY GIRLS " soon after Exile realized he was destined to do authentic Dancehall music which the world has been longing for. An avid listener of the late great tupac shakur and other hip-hop heavy weights he brings a masterful blend of that genre with the island's own dancehall. He is already being compared to the likes of dancehall’s heavy weights, but he'll be the first to let you know that he is already a general in this musical army and is ready to carve out his own space starting with his smashing single titled ''15 MINUTES” which was released in 2009 and “ALL OF ME '' which was released in April of 2010. His unique blend of melodies from hip hop blends perfectly with the Jamaican Creole (patios) which coalesces into art. Even though he is viewed as one of the brightest young artist on the way to the top, Exile stays hungry on his musical grind always trying out new sounds staying with his uniqueness.

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11 Mar 1906
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Daman and Diu


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